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Visualdo school of photography in Nairobi Kenya

Basic Photography

Our beginner photography course will help you understand your camera and how to take professional photos with it. With weekly field work, projects and workshops, you will acquire all the skills for immediate entry into the job market and to work as a professional photographer.

Visualdo school of photography

Advanced Photography

Our advanced photography course takes the knowledge in beginner lessons to the next level. You’ll learn everything from stops, histograms, advance flash photography, light modifiers, advance techniques and tricks to perfecting your photographs using adobe photoshop and adobe lightroom.

Visualdo School of Photography

Pro Photography

The Pro Photography immerses you to the business world of photography where you will be able to work in studios, products, events, weddings, landscape, sports, wildlife photography and any genre of photography.


Intensive training in our photojournalism course will give you competitive advantage as a photojournalists, reporter-photographers, multimedia producers and editors, picture and assignment editors, freelance photojournalists and photographers, and digital publishing specialists.

Journalism & Mass Communication

Journalism & Mass Comm

Our diploma in Journalism & Mass Communication is designed to equip graduates with sound theory and professional skills in communication for service in broadcast journalism, journalistic media, corporate and development establishments and, academic institutions.

Film Production Course

Film Production

Our film production course explores the concepts that filmmakers need to understand to make the choices that best tell their story. Whether directing a documentary or fiction film, students produce more interesting, complex films when they are aware of, understand, or practice the following concepts: anti-narrative, experimental, animation, archetypal endings and subtext.

Videography School

Basic Videography

Our beginner videography course will cover the primary aspects of video camera and editing. You’ll emerge with your own short video for your professional portfolio for immediate entry into the job market.

Videography School

Advanced Videography

Our advanced videography course will help you will learn to plan and write a script, to capture dynamic video and audio in the moment and to edit your work like a pro . You will master the gear, lighting, sound editing and color correction and become a master in video production and editing.

Diploma in Animation in Kenya


In our Diploma in Animation, we teach you the latest 3D modeling tools and techniques as they relate to careers across a number of different fields that includes; Character Animation, Character Rigging and Animation Production. We have; Diploma in Animation and Certificate in Animation.

Visualdo Institute of Fine Art

Fine Art (Drawing / Painting)

A background in drawing could lead to a career as an illustrator, an artist, an art teacher, or an animator. It is also helpful background for careers in architecture, fashion design, and other forms of commercial and technical drawing. Our rigorous curriculum is grounded in the realities of the creative side of drawing

Graphic Design School in Kenya

Graphic Design

Our graphic design graduates get to work when they leave us. We concentrate on competitive graphics skills for immediate entry into the job market. Our curriculum is strong on graphic design fundamentals, exploring and adapting to emerging designs trends. Students get a deeper understand and knowledge on graphic design principles including hierarchy, effective layout, and composition.

Web Design

By the end of our web design course, you will be comfortable designing, creating, coding and posting websites to the Internet. Equipped with new design trends to ensure strong online presentation, you will have an advanced knowledge of website creation for immediate entry into the job market.


ICDL / Packages

International Computer Driving License(ICDL)
The ICDL 3months course is designed to equip learners with the skills and knowledge in basic computer and IT applications.
Computer Packages
By the end of this 1 month course you will be comfortable working with Microsoft office products and Internet.

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Digital Marketing

Complete Digital Marketing Course
A course in digital marketing is designed to provide individuals with the skills and knowledge necessary to plan and execute effective marketing campaigns using digital channels. The curriculum covers topics such as search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing, email marketing, and content marketing. Students will learn about digital marketing strategies, techniques for measuring and analyzing campaign performance, and the use of various digital marketing tools.


A coding course is a structured program designed to help beginners learn the basics of coding and develop practical coding skills. Whether you are looking to become a software developer, data analyst, or pursue any other tech-related career, taking a coding course is a great way to get started.

Film Production Course

Editing Softwares

A course in editing software can help individuals develop the skills and knowledge they need to pursue careers in fields such as film and video production, broadcasting, and digital media. Whether you are a beginner or have some experience with editing software, taking a course can provide you with the hands-on training, guidance, and resources you need to succeed in this exciting and growing field.

Mobile Repair

A course in mobile repair is designed to teach individuals how to diagnose, repair and maintain various types of mobile devices. This can include smartphones, tablets and other portable electronic devices. The course typically covers topics such as device disassembly, component level repair, software troubleshooting, and repair tools and techniques. Upon completion, students will have gained hands-on experience and a comprehensive understanding of the principles of mobile device repair.

Laptop Repair

A course in laptop and computer repair is designed to provide students with the skills and knowledge necessary to diagnose, repair, and maintain various types of computers. The curriculum covers topics such as hardware components, operating systems, troubleshooting techniques, and repair procedures for both desktops and laptops. Students will learn about common hardware and software issues, and how to diagnose and resolve them. Additionally, the course may cover basic networking principles and security best practices. Upon completion, students will be well-equipped to repair and maintain computers in a professional setting.

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Electronic Servicing

A course in electronic servicing is designed to teach individuals how to diagnose, repair, and maintain various types of electronic devices. This can include consumer electronics such as televisions, radios, and home audio systems, as well as industrial and commercial electronics. The course covers topics such as circuit theory, digital electronics, and soldering techniques, as well as hands-on training in repairing and troubleshooting electronic devices. Students will also learn about safety procedures and industry standards for electronic repair and maintenance. Upon completion, students will have a comprehensive understanding of electronic servicing and the ability to repair and maintain a wide range of electronic devices.


A course in ICT (Information and Communications Technology), CCTV (Closed-Circuit Television), and Networking is designed to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of the technologies and systems that make up modern information networks. The curriculum covers topics such as computer networks, data communications, internet technologies, and network security. Students will learn about the design, installation, and maintenance of ICT and CCTV systems, as well as the principles and practices of network administration and management. Additionally, the course may include hands-on training in configuring and managing network devices such as routers, switches, and firewalls. Upon completion, students will have the skills and knowledge to design, implement, and manage complex ICT and networking systems.

Cyber Security

Taking a course in cyber security opens doors to a dynamic and in-demand field, where you’ll learn to protect against digital threats, secure sensitive data, and build a rewarding career defending against cybercrime.

eLearning in Kenya by Visualdo Institute

Sales and Marketing

Taking a course in sales and marketing opens doors to a dynamic and rewarding career. Gain the essential skills to captivate audiences, drive revenue growth, and outshine competitors. Master persuasion, market research, and digital strategies. Enroll now and unlock limitless opportunities in this exciting field.

Purchase & supply management (procurement)

Taking a course in Purchase & Supply Management sets the stage for a thriving career in the world of procurement. Gain invaluable skills to efficiently manage the acquisition of goods and services, optimize supply chains, and drive cost savings for organizations. Master the art of vendor negotiation, strategic sourcing, and supplier relationship management. Dive into cutting-edge techniques like supply chain analytics and sustainable procurement practices. With this course, you’ll unlock a world of opportunities in a field critical to organizational success.

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Marketing, Advertising & public relation

Taking a course in Marketing, Advertising & Public Relations unlocks a world of possibilities in the realm of communication and brand management. Learn the art of crafting compelling marketing campaigns, executing impactful advertising strategies, and fostering positive public perception. Master the skills to create powerful brand messages, engage target audiences, and build strong relationships with the public. Dive into the latest trends in digital marketing, social media management, and reputation management. With this course, you’ll gain the expertise to excel in a dynamic industry, open doors to exciting career opportunities, and make a lasting impact through effective communication. 

Accounting & finance

Taking a course in Accounting & Finance is a gateway to a promising career in the world of numbers and financial management. Gain comprehensive knowledge in financial reporting, budgeting, analysis, and risk assessment. Master the principles of financial accounting, managerial accounting, and corporate finance. Develop a deep understanding of financial statements, investment strategies, and cost control measures. With this course, you’ll acquire the skills sought after by businesses of all sizes, opening doors to a wide range of career opportunities. 


Taking a course to become a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) or an Accounting Technician Diploma (ATD) holder is a transformative step towards a successful accounting career. Gain the expertise and credibility to excel in the field of accounting, taxation, and financial management. Master advanced accounting principles, audit procedures, tax regulations, and financial analysis techniques. Develop a deep understanding of financial reporting, ethics, and professional standards. With this course, you’ll acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to navigate complex financial landscapes and pursue diverse career opportunities.