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A Purchase and Supply Management course provides a comprehensive understanding of the principles, practices, and strategies involved in procurement and supply chain management.

A Purchase and Supply Management course equips individuals with the knowledge and skills necessary to excel in procurement, sourcing, and supply chain roles. It is beneficial for professionals involved in purchasing, procurement, supply chain management, logistics, and operations. The course provides practical insights into managing supplier relationships, optimizing procurement processes, and enhancing overall supply chain efficiency.

Course outline

  1. Introduction to Purchase and Supply Management:
  • Overview of purchase and supply management concepts, roles, and responsibilities
  • Understanding the importance of effective procurement and supply chain management in organizations
  1. Strategic Sourcing:
  • Developing procurement strategies to optimize cost, quality, and supplier relationships
  • Supplier selection and evaluation processes
  • Negotiation techniques and contract management
  1. Supply Chain Management:
  • Understanding the components and functions of a supply chain
  • Managing supply chain logistics, inventory, and demand forecasting
  • Supply chain optimization and risk management
  1. Vendor Management:
  • Building and maintaining effective relationships with suppliers and vendors
  • Supplier performance evaluation and measurement
  • Managing supplier contracts and ensuring compliance
  1. Procurement Process and Procedures:
  • Steps involved in the procurement cycle, from identifying needs to payment and contract closure
  • Purchase requisition and approval processes
  • Legal and ethical considerations in procurement
  1. Supplier Relationship Management:
  • Strategies for fostering long-term relationships with suppliers
  • Collaborative supplier partnerships and value creation
  • Supplier development and continuous improvement initiatives
  1. Inventory Management:
  • Inventory control methods and techniques
  • Managing inventory levels to minimize costs and stockouts
  • Just-in-time (JIT) and lean inventory principles
  1. Global Sourcing and International Procurement:
  • Understanding the complexities of global sourcing and international procurement
  • Cultural considerations and legal implications
  • Managing risks and logistics in international supply chains
  1. Technology and Tools in Purchase and Supply Management:
  • Utilizing technology for procurement and supply chain management
  • Introduction to procurement software and supply chain analytics
  • Electronic procurement (e-procurement) systems and automation


  • Intakes: January, April, July, September
  • Certificate: 12 months (4 semesters)
  • Diploma: 24 months (8 semesters)
  • One semester = 3 months
  • Fees: Ksh39,000 a semester (payable in instalments of Ksh13,000 a month)
  • Grade(KCSE): Diploma C-, Certificate D-


  • Paid Non-refundable Application Fees of Ksh2000
  • Submitted Application Form
  • 1 Passport size photo
  • Copy of National ID or Passport (or wait list)
  • High School Certificate or Letter of recommendation
  • Diploma entry grade is C-, Certificate is D-
  • Short course entry grade is any grade
  • Pay your semester school fees before starting class
  • PAY VIA MPESA: Paybill number: 4107253 Account number: Student name
  • Maximum of 2 installments are allowed per semester
  • After payment send the confirmation to +254.798.325.330
  • Hostels are not part of school fees
  • TVET (KNEC) Exams fees – paid later
  • PEARSON Exams fees – paid later
  • PROJECT / LAB / ACTIVITIES fees – paid later