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Sales and Marketing

A Sales and Marketing course provides foundational knowledge and practical skills in the field of sales and marketing. It covers a range of topics that help individuals understand the principles and strategies behind effective sales and marketing efforts.

Course outline

  1. Introduction to Sales and Marketing:
  • Overview of sales and marketing concepts, principles, and techniques
  • Understanding the role of sales and marketing in driving business growth and profitability
  1. Market Research and Analysis:
  • Conducting market research to identify target markets, customer needs, and competitors
  • Analysing market trends, consumer behaviour, and market segmentation
  1. Product and Brand Management:
  • Developing and managing product offerings
  • Creating and maintaining brand identity and positioning
  • Developing pricing strategies and managing product portfolios
  1. Marketing Communication:
  • Developing effective marketing communication strategies
  • Advertising and promotion techniques
  • Utilizing digital marketing channels and social media platforms
  1. Sales Techniques and Strategies:
  • Sales process and selling techniques
  • Customer relationship management (CRM) strategies
  • Negotiation skills and objection handling
  1. Customer Relationship Management:
  • Building and maintaining strong customer relationships
  • Customer retention and loyalty programs
  • Handling customer feedback and complaints
  1. Sales and Marketing Metrics and Analytics:
  • Measuring and evaluating sales and marketing performance
  • Key performance indicators (KPIs) and metrics
  • Using data analytics to drive sales and marketing decisions
  1. International Marketing:
  • Understanding global markets and cultural considerations
  • Developing marketing strategies for international expansion
  • Managing cross-cultural communication and adaptation
  1. Marketing Planning and Strategy:
  • Developing marketing plans and strategies
  • Setting marketing objectives and budgets
  • Monitoring and evaluating marketing campaigns


  • Intakes: January, April, July, September
  • Certificate: 12 months (4 semesters)
  • Diploma: 24 months (8 semesters)
  • One semester = 3 months
  • Fees: Ksh42,000 a semester (payable in instalments of Ksh14,000 a month)
  • Grade(KCSE): Diploma C-, Certificate D-


  • Paid Non-refundable Application Fees of Ksh2000
  • Submitted Application Form
  • 1 Passport size photo
  • Copy of National ID or Passport (or wait list)
  • KCSE Certificate results (Diploma entry grade is C-, Certificate is D-)
  • Short course entry grade is any grade
  • Pay your semester school fees before starting class
  • PAY VIA MPESA: Paybill number: 4107253 Account number: Student name
  • Maximum of 2 installments are allowed per semester
  • After payment send the confirmation to +254.798.325.330
  • Hostels are not part of school fees
  • TVET (KNEC) Exams fees – paid later
  • PEARSON Exams fees – paid later
  • PROJECT / LAB / ACTIVITIES fees – paid later