DeeJay Course




Dive into the world of DJing with our hands-on course. Learn how to spin music live using software and a camera! We’ll teach you the basics of streaming software, connecting your camera, managing sound, and using YouTube and other social media. With the growing demand for DJs in Kenya, this course opens doors to exciting job opportunities. Enrol now and kickstart your career as a DJ!

We Have

Certificate in Deejaying
Short Course in Deejaying

January, April, July, October

Certificate: 12 months (4 semesters)
Diploma: 24 months (8 semesters)
One semester = 3 months

Ksh 45,000 a semester

Quick course is Ksh.30,000 total in 1 months


Visualdo advantages brings you:

  • Best quality instructors: our maestros brings a wealthy of industry knowledge.
  • Cutting age DJ equipment: Train on the latest gear for a hands-on experience.
  • Networking opportunities: connect with like-minded enthusiasts and professionals.
  • Free field work: attend and participate in live events as a DJ.



What You Will Learn

Craft Seamless Mixes: Learn the art of blending tracks seamlessly for a continuous and electrifying dance experience.

Dynamic Mixing Techniques:: Explore a range of mixing techniques to create diverse and captivating musical journeys.

Perfect the Art of Scratching: Hone your scratching skills to add a distinctive and energetic flair to your beats.

Beat Control and Timing: Understand the nuances of beat control and timing, mastering the rhythm that keeps the crowd moving.

Expressive Musical Storytelling: Elevate your DJing to an art form, telling expressive musical stories that resonate with your audience. Get ready to amplify your DJing prowess at Visualdo Institute School of Deejay,


-Pay non-refundable Registration Fee of sh2000
-Submit Application Form via online or at our offices
-Bring 1 Passport size photo
-Bring a Copy of National ID or Passport (or Wait Card)
-Pay your school fees via M-PESA: PAYBILL 4107273
-We accept up to 2 instalments
(After payment send screenshot of confirmation to 0798-325-330 via whatsapp)