We are a college of Creative Industries

We have made a fusion of our creative disciplines to form a single school of creative industries offering media courses, design courses, technology courses, music, art, creativity, hospitality and business courses

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About Visualdo Institute

The College

Visualdo Institute is a private tertiary institution located in Nairobi, Kenya. It offers courses in arts, media, information technology and business. The institute aims to provide quality education and training to students in order to equip them with the necessary skills to succeed in their respective fields. Visualdo Institute also focuses on providing practical training and hands-on experience to its students. It is registered by the Kenyan Ministry of Education and is accredited by various professional bodies in Kenya.

A College for Creative Minds

The media and related creative industries have become a keystone of contemporary social and cultural life in Kenya. VisualDo College has been established to reflect and respond to this development, and become Kenya’s premier institution for teaching and research into media, broadcasting, popular culture and the arts.

Our Vision

Our vision is to form successful pathways of creative careers and move beyond formalized education into the worlds of professional and art based photographers, cinematographers, designers, editors, crafts, fine artists, media workers, media directors, writers and authors.

Our Mission

Our mission is to inspire creativity in education sector of Kenya by enabling students to acquire the kind of solid business, communication and management skills that will enable them transform the creative industries in Kenya.

Our Motto

Visualize it, Do it

Our Focus

  • Ideas: We are creating new knowledge and developing new ideas for current world issues.
  • Solutions: We are taking on the challenges of tomorrow by finding solutions through our world class research today.
  • Connections: We are partnered globally and nationally with academic, research and industry leaders to help build a vibrant and successful society.


Our Courses

Our courses are so unique in that we assumes no prior knowledge beyond the basic knowledge and a passion for creative art and designing. They are modular in concept and delivery, and the student is free to choose from the available units at each level to suit their own interests and aspirations. Thus it is possible that, with tutorial guidance, each individual student can tailor their course to their apparent and developing talents, creative and intellectual inclinations.

  • The courses we offer combine creativity with business insight and technology.
  • We deliver for students the best possible start for their future creative careers.
  • We produce graduates who are capable of identifying opportunities and contributing to a vibrant and successful society.
  • We partner with industry and the professions to conduct research that’s cutting-edge and relevant.
  • We believe a school’s reputation is determined largely by the quality of its graduates, and we are proud that more than 90 per cent of our graduates now in full-time work are employed in professional occupations within four months of completing their studies.
  • We are a school for the Kenya’s future.
  • We have cutting-edge facilities and use latest technologies in teaching.


Who is this for

Our courses are intended for students who envision an employment or entrepreneurial career in media, entertainment, design or the visual and performing arts; who are motivated to learn how the creative process functions in these industries and how emerging technologies are reshaping them; and who want to acquire the kind of solid business, communication and management skills that will enable them to build a successful career in creative industries.

A Great Place to Grow or Start your Passion